Ekaterina Chicherina

PhD candidate, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany

Research Topic: Adolescents’ biographic projecting from the intergenerational perspective

Research Interests: qualitative research, children’s and adolescents’ well-being, biographical research, transition into adulthood, gender studies, social transformations, generational order

Contact: ek.chicherina@gmail.com | ResearchGate / LinkedIn


Emma Cooke

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Emma is a sociologist with expertise in the sociology of childhood and qualitative research, and she works in interdisciplinary teams. She researches Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), early childhood discourses, children’s rights, and the lived experiences of children, educators and families.

Research Interests: Sociology of Childhood, Sociology of Health and Illness, Departing Radically in Academic Writing (DRAWing), Crystallization, Feminist Theory, Relaxation, Sleep, Gender,Well-being, Down syndrome  

Contact: e.cooke@uq.edu.au | Institution profile page


Naime Daout-Zidane

Master’s candidate in Psychoeducation, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Research Topic: How do Children with a Migration Background Understand their Well-Being in Canada?

Thesis title: Trauma and School Engagement with Students in Welcome Classes: A Qualitative Study on the Role of School as a Resilience Factor

Research Interests: Well-being, mental health and coping strategies of children with a migration background, Post-traumatic stress, School engagement, motivation and school adaptation of students with several challenges (PTSD, drop-out, acculturation stress, etc.), Child-centered approach, Participative approach

Contact: naime.daoust-zidane@umontreal.ca


Tatjana Dietz

PhD Candidat, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Research Topic: Infants in Childhood Studies and Educational Sciences

Research interests: Childhood and Family Studies, Social Pedagogy, Infancy and Early Childhood, Children’s Right, Child Protection, Early Prevention and Support for Families with New-born, Qualitative Research

Contact: T.Dietz@em.uni-frankfurt.de | ResearchGate / Institution profile page


Rhea Felton

PhD Candidate, UNSW University of NSW, Wollongong, NSW, Australia 

PhD project: A narrative exploration of how children experience and ascribe meaning to their lives when their parent or carer is diagnosed with cancer

Research Interests: Qualitative Research, Child Participatory Research, Research Methodology, Creative Research Translation, Child Well-being, Psycho-oncology, Narrative Analysis 

Contac: r.felton@unsw.edu.au | LinkedIn / ResearchGate


Lisa Fischer

PhD Candidate, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Phd project: Young people's discoursive relationship practices in context of a digitalized everyday world

Research Interests: Childhood theory and research, Historical perspectives on modern childhood and educational relationships, Well-being, Generational, pedagogical and economic orderings, spatial and discourse analysis, qualitative methods and methodology (esp. ethnography), research ethics

Contact: lisa.fischer@tu-berlin.de | Institution profile page / ResearchGate


Saira Hossain

PhD candidate, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Research Topic: What really for student well-being at secondary schools in Bangladesh

Research Interests: Children well-being, Socioemotional Learning, Gender and Diversity, Participatory Research, Adolescent problem behaviour, Teacher well-being, and Positive education

Contact: saira.hossain@unsw.edu.au | ResearchGate / Google Scholar


Yuli Ketain-Meiri

M.A. Student,  the Paul baerwald school of social work and social welfare, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Contact: Yuli@haruv.org.il


Miriam Kost

PhD Candidat, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Research Topic: Well-being in School Environments from Children's Perspective 

Research Interests: Empirical Childhood and Child Well-being Research, Generational Ordering, Social and Educational Science, Qualitative Methods and Methodology, Discourse Analysis, Ethics in Childhood Research

Contact: kost@tu-berlin.de | ResearchGate / Institution profile page


Stella März

PhD Candidate,  University of Vechta, Vechta, Germany

Research Topic: Children's wellbeing and intersectionality

Research Interests: Children's wellbeing, Intersectionality, Social inequality, Theories of subjectivation, Generational ordering

Contact: stella.maerz@uni-vechta.de | ResearchGate / Institution profile page


Damián Molgaray

Magister in Social Sciences – Researcher, Candidate in the Doctorado en Educación Superior (Higher Education), Research Centre in Social Sciences (CICS), Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Research Topic: Social and political dimensions of Children`s lives in Argentina, Online education in the 21st century

Research Interests: Children's Wellbeing, Safety as a social dimension of children's lives, Childhood citizenship, Childhood policies, Qualitative methods, Online education

Contact: damian.molgaray@gmail.com | Institution profile page


Carina Pohl

PhD Candidate, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland

I investigate how children experience (un-)safety, vulnerability and well-being. One focus is on children living in out-of-home placements, especially in residential settings.

PhD Project: (Un-)Safety from the perspective of children

Research Interests: (Un-)safety, child protection, residential care, vulnerability, childhood studies, well-being, agency

Contact: carina.pohl@zhaw.ch | Institution profile page


Andrea Riepl

PhD Candidate, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Research Topic: Capabilities & Well-Being - a justice theory perspective on (in)visible childhoods

Research Interests: Childhood Studies, Child Well-Being Research, Qualitative Research, Ethics in Child Research, Capability Approach, Social Inequality

Contact: andrea.riepl@ife.uzh.ch | Institution profile page


Johanna Wilmes

Research Associate, Goethe University Frankfurt, Faculty of Education, Frankfurt, Germany

My PhD research is about children living in residential care in Nepal. Through that I can show the need for a decolonialized approach in international childhood and well-being studies.

Research Interests: International Childhood Studies, Well-being, Children’s rights, Poverty, Motherhood, Social Policy, Mixed Methods

Contact: wilmes@em.uni-frankfurt.de | Institution profile page / ResearchGate